As summer approaches and the days grow longer, The Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina offers lots to do with long days, and longer nights! During summer the pace of the RTP really revs up and offers an array of entertaining and engaging events for locals and visitors alike. My NC Homes offer you some of our choices for top summer events in The Triangle and remind you if you are considering buying or selling in this incredible community, reach out to us to see your home value and what insights we have into today's market.

RTP Food Truck Rodeo

RTP Food Truck Rodeo is a gas-tronomic extravaganza that brings together the Triangle's best food trucks. Taking place on select Fridays it features a diverse range culinary styles, live music,…

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According to NAR, since 1981, single women have purchased homes more than single men and account for 17% of homeowners. Homeownership has financial and emotional benefits that benefit all genders. Where we see a rise in women homeowners in the past 30-plus years, we want to outline some of the benefits of homeownership women experience and why The Triangle is a great place for investment and living.

Homeownership Benefits

"For single women, housing has always made up a large share of total assets. Over the last 30 years, the average single woman's wealth has increased 88% on an inflation-adjusted basis, from just over $142,000 in 1989 to $267,000 in 2019, and housing has remained the single largest component of their wealth." Ksenia Potapov,…

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Spring is in full swing! This is a great time to explore the Triangle and we are sharing some of our favorite Spring Events in the Triangle. Whether you are new to the area o have lived here your whole life, there is always something new to see or experience! If you are considering buying a home or selling a home, contact My NC Homes.


Where to see the prettiest blooms in the Triangle? Sarah P. Duke Gardens has incredible daffodils, poppies, cherry trees, and much much more.

Al Fresco Dining

If you are thinking about dining, you are probably thinking about dining outdoors. There are over 68 parks in Durham alone, and most have picnic benches. It is a great time of…

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When we take clients for showings, landscaping is often a big draw. The average cost of landscaping in the US is about $5,000, but the return on investment is 100%. However, if you are thinking about selling in the next five years, you also might not want to invest a lot in landscaping at the expense of other home improvement projects. To save money and to attract buyers when the time is right, we recommend fast-growing and flowering shrubs for adding curb appeal, in a hurry. 

Camelias are classic North Carolina shrub, that grow quickly! With thick waxy leaves and beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors and differing bloom times, they are an excellent choice. Partial sun or shade.


Azaleas are another classic quick growing…

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The Research Triangle is recognized nationally for a high quality of life for residents. It has a number of the top universities including UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University, NCCU and Duke University within its bounds and as a result, there are incredible museums, hospitals, and culture. Another byproduct of such wonderful educational resources is corporate and tech investment in the area and a great job market. For these reasons, real estate is highly sought after, increasing in value, and a great investment. One of the most desirable types of real estate is developments that are exclusive and offer amenities within the development or nearby. Golf club communities abound in The Triangle and here are some of our top club picks.

Find your perfect…

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The Research Triangle is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the US and you can certainly see why, during the holidays. Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, or Kwanza, or are old or young, there are many ways to enjoy the lights and spirit of the holidays in the Raleigh Durham area. Here are some of our favorite holiday events. Have a Merry Season and if you are considering buying or selling a home in The Triangle, please reach out to My NC Homes.

North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival, Cary

Running until January 8, the Chinese Lantern Festival is back at the Cary Koko Booth Amphitheatre. With hundreds of thousands of LED lights, 40 new hand crafted displays, these lantern displays are quite literally dazzling.…

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Many metropoles in the US are undergoing big shifts in how we use and value space, or occupancy. Where we are working and living and what is more desirable for work, and for life, have changed pretty dramatically. Work at home? Work at work? Work at home some, work at work some? It can be confusing to understand how occupancy, the job market, and how people are working, relate to real estate values, especially when real estate values for local sellers and buyers depend on the "at the moment" value. We would like to share insights on the state of development and projections on the Raleigh Durham area and how rankings nationwide for livability can mean for 2023 sellers and buyers.

Frequently, we report on the job market in Raleigh Durham, and how…

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Living in a college town, like Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham, with huge collegiate sports programs, you can imagine many top athletes coming out of the area. We have a thriving and very competitive sports culture, and some of the biggest names in sports are picked up right here in The Triangle. Here are the most famous North Carolina athletes!

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor is regarded as one of the best defensive football players who ever lived. He was an all American collegiate linebacker playing for UNC Chapel Hill, before spending his career with the New York Giants.

Antawn Jamison

Former Tar Heel, Antawn Jamison played 16 seasons in the NBA, winning numerous awards, and playing amongst legendary rosters including the Washington…

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Living in a College Town

When you read this headline, a number of images from pop culture may be called to mind. Toga parties, football dramas, youth miraculously solving impossible equations, and student-priced menus at dives, but the reality of living in a college town, as a retiree or a family for example, is much different, and honestly better! The advantages of being in close proximity to some of the most elite higher education institutions on the East coast are varied; from the quality of continuum care for those aging in place to access to amazing local schools and staff, and finally stability of the real estate market. Let's explore what living in a college town, and The Research Triangle Park is like.

Higher Education in The Research…

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Halloween in the Research Triangle 2022

Falls is officially here and we are experiencing cooler temps and enjoying the start of football season and all the fun weekend events in The Triangle. Some of our favorite events all year are the Halloween trick or treat or trunk events. From Morrisville to Raleigh, there are events all over starting as early as October 22. If you are investing in a costume, you can really get your money's worth with events spanning two weeks. The best part is that these events are free! We hope you enjoy this holiday safely, and remember if you are looking for homes in these neighborhoods, we have links to these home searches! Happy Halloween from My NC Homes! 

Trick or Treat the Trail in Morrisville

Saturday, October 22…

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