When we take clients for showings, landscaping is often a big draw. The average cost of landscaping in the US is about $5,000, but the return on investment is 100%. However, if you are thinking about selling in the next five years, you also might not want to invest a lot in landscaping at the expense of other home improvement projects. To save money and to attract buyers when the time is right, we recommend fast-growing and flowering shrubs for adding curb appeal, in a hurry. 

Camelias are classic North Carolina shrub, that grow quickly! With thick waxy leaves and beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors and differing bloom times, they are an excellent choice. Partial sun or shade.


Azaleas are another classic quick growing…

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What you should know about closing costs? A LOT! Buyers need to understand the costs and timelines associated with purchasing a home, or better be working with an experienced, reputable Realtor to explain details. When you start saving for a home or putting money aside for a down payment, the closing costs may not immediately come to mind. Closing costs include the items listed below and in some states Buyers are required to pay the state a "tax" on the purchase as well. Let's break these down so you are not learning about closing costs, the hard way.

Seller closing expenses include the commission they agreed to pay their listing agent which is typically split with the Buyer's Broker and in NC and many other states the seller pays a tax on the sale…

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At the height of the housing craze in 2020, where we witnessed highly constricted inventory, a catapultic rise in remote work, and demand for more space, any time of year to list your home, was the right time of year. Now that we see housing conditions normalizing, buyers and sellers are considering timing again. May is the most popular time of year to list a home, but this Spring might give sellers the best advantage.

April Showers May Flowers

According to a ten-year Bank Rate analysis, homes selling in May net a 12.6% seller premium, which is the amount over market value. Indeed, in the Triangle, May is a great month to list, however right now in Raleigh Durham, we are ranked two of the hottest housing markets in the United States. Home sales…

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Real Estate buying, selling, and moving tend to follow some predictable patterns. Many buyers delay moving until Spring, some believing this to be the best time to buy and the easiest time to move, others planning on specific school districts for the following year. While there is the benefit of kids being in school, and many people decide to list their homes in Spring for the same reason, it makes for a frenzied time that does not always yield the best conditions for moving. Let's discuss the benefits of moving and buying prior to the Spring selling and buying rush.

Tempting Interest Rates for Buyers

Last year, home prices began to fall ever so slightly in The Triangle, and buyers saw rates dip slightly at the end of the year. As rates fall,…

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