Home improvements you shouldn't do yourself

It’s nearly time for the kids to head back to school, which means that there’s still a little bit of time left for ambitious homeowners to do some home improvement projects as a family. One of the things that Pinterest and blogs are great for is inspiring homeowners to be creative and tackle some home projects themselves, but when it comes to home improvements, there are some things are best-left to the professionals.

Trimming Or Removing Trees

Pruning a tree that’s no taller than you or a small shrub is east to do yourself, but as soon as you need a ladder to reach the leaves or need to remove large branches, you should probably leave it to the pros. Removing trees or trimming them will require power tools and considerable heights. A good tree…

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About Triangle Area Food Trucks

If you've been living in a cave for the last 30 years, the phrase “food truck” might conjure up images of a sandwich truck at a construction site or a truck serving greasy fast food on a college campus. Once called roach coaches, food trucks have grown up. Today's food truck are nothing like their ancestors.

There are about 150 food trucks in the Triangle area, offering a huge variety of foods. Most trucks specialize in certain foods just like restaurants do. What do the food trucks offer? Several types of BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, gourmet grilled cheese, cheesesteaks, gourmet sliders, deli meats, pizza, Maine lobster, tacos, sandwiches, dumplings, meatballs, and more. There are also trucks specializing in sweets such as cupcakes and cookies,…

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About the American Tobacco Trail, Durham NC

It’s hard to live in the Triangle area without hearing about the American Tobacco Trail (ATT), but it’s more fun using it. The trail is a 22-mile recreational greenway which travels through the City of Durham, south through Durham, Chatham, and Wake counties. The northern end is a 10-foot wide paved trail, while the southern end is made of stone dust rather than asphalt.

American Tobacco Trail Access

The trail is located on an abandoned corridor of the Norfolk Southern Railroad. The original railroad took tobacco from farming communities in Wake, Chatham, and Durham counties to the American Tobacco Company in Durham for processing. Over time, trucks replaced the trains, and the trains eventually discontinued the route. The tracks were removed in…

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Buying homes in college

A new study by HomeUnion found that student renters in Chapel Hill and Durham are paying considerably more for housing than those in other parts of the country. The study found that the median price to rent home within a two-mile radius from UNC right now is around $1,700, which is typically much more than market value. Most students prefer to live off-campus, largely because the cost of campus housing is simply too much for what you get in return. With the start of the semester right around the corner, it’s crunch time for many students to find a place to live if they haven’t already.

Imagine if you could avoid the stresses of finding a place to rent altogether. If you’re looking to spend a few years in the Triangle Area, it could be very…

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About Durham Bulls Athletic Park - History

In the Triangle area, the saying "Take me out to the ball game" refers to The Durham Bulls Athletic Park (DBAP). The DBAP is home to the Durham Bulls, the AAA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball League. It is also home to the Duke Blue Devils baseball team. The 10,000-seat park opened in 1995, just a mile down the street from its former ballpark.

The Storied Past Of DBAP

Prior to 1995, the Bulls played at the old Durham Athletic Park. The old park still exists, hosting concerts, beer festivals, summer leagues, farmers’ markets, and other special events. It also hosts the North Carolina Central University’s men’s baseball team.

Located in downtown Durham, the DBAP is a brick structure that is reminiscent of old-time ball parks in its look…

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The Triangle real estate markets is one of the most versatile and in-demand markets in the country thanks to its many great universities, endless job opportunities, and abundance of great places to live. While most of the area is largely characterized by master-planned communities and quiet, forested neighborhoods, there are a few exceptional properties privately tucked away in the hills of the Triangle area that you might not even know are there.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the life of luxury, then check out the five most expensive homes below and compare your expectations to what these fabulous homes have to offer!

5. 7801 Old Stage Road in Raliegh – $4,200,000

This beautiful home boasts over 94 acres of beautiful wooded property. Although…

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