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The real estate market is expected to do very well this year as mortgage rates remain at historic lows. One challenge to the housing industry is the lack of homes available for sale. Last week, released a report showing that 2020 is beginning with the lowest available housing inventory in two years. Here's what industry experts are saying. 

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In the next couple of months, millions of students will be graduating and moving out of their parents home. Hopefully you're celebrating; your child has graduated and is moving on into the next stage of their lives and you are about to do the same. Trust me it's good stuff, you and your partner get to spend more quality time together and making plans becomes so much easier. I know this was the case for my wife and I, it's how we ended up in North Carolina. I encourage you to be proud;think about how far you've come since they were first born.


Is it time to make a move?

Now may be a good time to take a look at your home and really think about is it ideally what you'd like to spend the next 10-20 years in? What

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Tired of Renting - 2019 The Cost of Renting Vs Buying

2019 The Cost of Renting Vs Buying

If you're tired of renting, you are not alone, the vast majority of Americans rightly believe that owning a home makes sense as this video below shows. 

While home ownership may not be ideal for everyone, here in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh area of North Carolina the numbers are awfully compelling if you know you'll be living here for a minimum of three years. The longer you live in the area, the more compelling the numbers are. If you're as into data as the My NC Homes team is, you'll want to check out the link below for Buying Vs Renting. We originally sat down and laid out the numbers in 2012, then Larry updated them in 2017 and honestly in the past two years the thing that's changed the most is

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Five Great Reasons To List Your Home This Holiday Season

So often we have Sellers tell us they want us to list their home after the holidays, and we certainly understand that there's often enough going on without the added headaches of showings, But based on our experience working with relocation buyers here in the Research Triangle, we believe it's often better to list your home now rather than waiting until after the holidays.  We explain why in the short video below

If you're thinking of selling and want first class service, masterful marketing and expert advice, let us know and we'll contact you promptly for a free consultation. 




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It's a question we hear on a regular basis, "We love your site but we were hoping you could get a "free online valuation. Why don't you offer this on your site?"   

Why Zillow Values Your Home Wrong

My NC Homes has reviewed a dozen or more of them, trying to find one we felt good about offering our clients/customers. The truth is we haven't found a single one that we felt was worth putting on our site. They're all flawed for the same reason; they calculate your home's value using a number of false assumptions. The first is that all lots within a neighborhood are the same. They don't know whether your lot backs to a beautiful glade or a powerline, whether it's level, hilly, a corner lot, backs to a highway or is positively (or negatively) impacted by adjoining properties. Next they

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Meet Larry Tollen of My NC Homes

As a longtime Realtor, Larry has seen it all. When he and Andrew founded My NC Homes, it took almost no time at all for them to agree on how they’re team should operate. Experience, integrity, and results. These are the pillars in which their team is founded on because they’re also what’s most important to you as a buyer or seller.

When working with the My NC Homes Team, you can expect nothing but the best service possible. Their team is committed to treating their clients the same way they would wish to be treated were the roles reversed. My NC Homes was founded on the belief that your best interested are the top priority, not the agent’s commission.

Dual Agent: Why NC Homes Doesn’t Represent Buyer & Seller In A Single Transaction


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Lauren Wimple, First-time buying specialist

When Lauren graduated in 2014 from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in economics, she was eager to apply her education and enthusiasm in the real estate market. This drive and determination led her to earn her broker license shortly after graduating, which is when she met Larry and Andrew at My NC Homes. Working under the mentorship of Larry and Andrew, Lauren has gained invaluable experience and industry knowledge, which she then applies to every transaction of her own.

Lauren also handles most of the administrative duties on the team, so when she’s not house hunting with her own client’s, you’ll often find her in the office and responding to inquiries from the website.

First-time Homebuying Specialist

As a recent homebuyer herself, Lauren

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Andrew Palumbo - new construction real estate specialist

Andrew is one of the founding members of the My NC Homes team. He specializes in new construction transactions, but also loves helping first-time homebuyers reach their longtime goal of owning their own home.

Becoming a real estate agent was a natural fit for Andrew. Growing up, he loved going to the job site with his father and eventually followed in his footsteps by getting involved in the family’s construction and real estate business. During this time he became a licensed appraiser and general contractor for condominium, luxury homes, and vacation homes. After several blustery winters in Vermont, he and his family moved to the Triangle region in search of a better climate.

Why Specialize In New Construction?

Many people think that

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meet the My NC Homes team - Chapel Hill realtors


The My NC Homes team is one of the Triangle’s most well-rounded real estate firms. Their small-team dynamic allows them to do the work of a big brokerage without compromising the personal attention you deserve during the purchase or sale of your home. Thanks to the unique strengths and abilities of each team member, they’re capable of handling even the most challenging transaction.

Here’s a quick introduction to each team member and a quick summary of what they bring to the table.

Lauren Wimple: Licensed Broker

Lauren grew up in the Triangle area just outside of Raleigh. She’s made lifelong friends, can tell you all about the area’s best hidden gems, and loves to chat about what makes each community so unique.

Lauren graduated in

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successful real estate negotiations

Negotiations can be one of the more uncomfortable aspects of buying or selling real estate, but an experienced real estate agent like Larry Tollen can help you make sense the process and work through it so that both parties come out satisfied. While negotiations are a great time to ask for things like furniture and existing amenities to be left in the house, the process is always a little bit of give and take from the buyer and the seller. It's important to bear in mind that nobody gets exactly what they want, and each party must be willing to give a little.

At My NC Homes, we have been involved with well over a thousand transactions, so we can offer the experience you need to help you successfully get through negotiating the terms and conditions

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