Many homeowners in The Triangle are choosing to renovate their homes this Spring. Where home prices are still high and inventory is low, making renovations can be a popular alternative to moving. However, home renovations tend to be more costly right now due to still high material and labor costs and not everyone has the disposable income for extensive renovations. Additionally good, dependable contractors may be booked 6-12 months out so it could take longer than you might like to get your renovations completed. Financing home renovations is one way to make necessary renovations, without a large capital outlay upfront. Here are some of the best financing options for home renovations.

Home Equity Loan

Home equity is the difference between the…

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In this Blog we report on the housing options facing one of the largest segments of the population about to retire, the baby boomer generation. Traditionally, there have been two, rather limited, options: move in with extended family or downsize and then move to a facility for aging in place. The Triangle area offers excellent access to healthcare, the climate is moderate, and many generations enjoy the lifestyle here, making it one of the places that multiple generations are calling home. But, when to make the choice to move smaller or move to a facility, is by no means an easy one.


According to Jessica Lautz, Deputy Chief Economist and Vice President of Research at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) "As we see the transition of the…

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Are you considering retirement? Are you thinking about downsizing? Is 2023 the year to do it? As we contemplate making these major life decisions, timing can be very important. Depending on the structure of your retirement, if you choose to retire sooner than later, you stand to earn more money through interest and also the time you sell your home. We wanted to go over some current market conditions to help those who are considering making this transition in The Triangle.

Downsizing and Home Selling

Are you ready to downsize? If this feels "too final", consider reframing downsizing. This can feel like a ton of work, but the first step is to clear the clutter, recognize the opportunity in reducing maintenance of homeowning, and considering the…

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Retiring in the Research Triangle

In The Research Triangle we are witnessing a real shift in demographics in the housing market. Many technology companies choose The Triangle because the schools generate so much of the talent that they are looking for. As a result, the market for new homes and and among first-time home buyers is strong, but what may be less obvious is the large uptick in those choosing to retire in The Triangle. There are numerous reasons that make retiring in The Triangle desirable and we are going to list some of the lesser know reasons that The Triangle is an excellent retirement option for those at that stage in their lives. We also have some facts about home equity and retirement.


Whether you are choosing a…

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We reported last week about the trend towards an uptick in people choosing a multigenerational household in The Triangle and nationally, as an alternative to an aging in place community. Some of the reasons people are choosing this is that it increases closeness between generations, helps with childcare, lack of affordable housing, and the sharing of household costs. This trend was especially noticeable during the COVID pandemic, when lock downs made it difficult to see loved ones or many chose to have bubbles of people that they would be visiting. Now that restrictions are lifted, people are still considering the ways to help loved ones age in place, at their homes. This week we are outlining what you need to know about building new or expanding on…

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When we hear the words multigenerational housing, depending on what era we relate to, we might be thinking in-laws suites, suites for aging parents, adult children moving back home, or even a combination! In the past two years with a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the new normal of hybrid work environments, households are looking a lot different, and multigenerational households and the demand for multigeneration housing options, have never been higher. Let's look at the numbers and take a quick dive into what multigenerational housing is and if it is right for you.

Multigenerational Housing on the Rise 

What are the reasons buyers tell us they are looking for multigenerational housing? For starters, since the pandemic, many loved…

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The emergence of a global pandemic and the effects of a warming climate have resulted in a reprioritization for buyers in The Triangle real estate market, and a buyer migration nationally. As real estate progressive professionals in the tech-driven Research Triangle, we already witnessed some shifts from buyers wanting much more in when it comes to work from home options. In addition more buyers are looking for more multi-generational home options, sustainable living options, and locations where climate change is factored in. We heard from buyers telling us they were relocating from the west coast specifically to avoid ever worsening drought and water restrictions as well as fires.

Below is a list of insights for sellers to make homes more…

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Are you considering a reverse mortgage? Do you know what a reverse mortgage is? Is it the same as refinancing? In the past decade reverse mortgages have gained in popularity, but we have also witnessed a rise in fraudulent and predatory practices within this industry. It has been pushed to seniors as a catch-all financial retirement product. However, it is important to understand that in reality it's a loan and when used to cover living, medical or other expenses you must understand that you are reducing the equity in your home. Applied without careful consideration, it can put your finances in a much worse position than other options that may be available to you. Let's explore the reverse mortgage and see if this is an option that makes sense for…

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Raleigh NC - Best Aging in Place

Aging in Place Options for Raleigh NC

My NC Homes presents another in our series of Best Aging in Place communities, focusing this time on Raleigh NC. This is a resource both for those looking to scale back from domestic responsibilities while scaling up in quality of life as well as for adult caregivers. Continuum living in the Triangle has a wide varity of retirement communities and traditional full care nursing facilities that many do not even know exist. From the latest in compassionate full-time care to independent luxury living, Raleigh aging in place options are many. Raleigh and the Research Triangle area in general are consistently ranked among the top 10 places to live by numerous national publications. If you would like to learn more…

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Best Aging in Place: Durham NC

Aging in Place Options for Durham NC

Best Durham Aging in Place for Farm and Nature Lovers

 Croasdaile Village

Located in part on a dairy farm, Croasdaile Village offers over 275 acres of space for passive or active recreation and is a tranquil respite from bustling Durham. Originally founded on Methodist principles of compassion, Croasdaile Village retains compassionate care values in its programming and assistance plans.

  1. Location and Transportation: With a large campus and amenities, there does not require transportation, however transport is available to appointments and visits to Durham.

  2. Residence Amenities: Living at Croasdaile is as close to home or better as a loved one could hope with apartments with high ceilings…

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