We get asked often, in this market, with rates going up up and up, how long are these home prices going to continue to rise? If you are like them, you maybe concerned that the market is heading for a crash like 15 years ago. We are here to reinforce, as experts have, that the market is nothing like it was during the crash. Odeta Kushi, Deputy Chief Economist at First American offered:

"We do need price appreciation to slow today (it's not sustainable over the long run) but high price growth today is supported by fundamentals- short supply, lower rates & demographic demand. And we are in a much different and safer space: better credit quality, low DTI [Debt-To-Income] and tons of equity. Hence, a crash in prices is very unlikely."

In the…

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The Research Triangle offers the best of both worlds in so many ways. It has the rich diversity and culture of a higher education and technology hub, has thriving markets, small businesses, and a happening arts and dining scene. Topping it off is the proximity to nature as well. 90 minutes or less to the ocean, a few hours to the mountains and locally we have amazing hiking and biking trails in The Triangle. We wanted to share some of our favorite hike and bike trails. If you are looking for real estate close to trails, we also are your boutique real estate brokerage. Happy Hiking, Biking, and Spring in the Triangle!

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve

Looking for an easy short and biodiverse hike in The Triangle? The Johnston Mill Nature Preserve…

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Buyers and sellers all want to know with selling prices going up, inventory down, and demand through the roof, are we headed for a crash or a correction? This week we would like to go over some key differences between the market in 2008, during the crash, and the market today. From financing and lending to supply, to foreclosures, there are many reasons to continue to be optimistic and to grow your wealth sustainably in real estate.

Lending in 2008 vs 2022

In the years leading up to the crash, anyone could get a loan. Low down payments with high-interest rate loans were awarded to those with credit scores under 620 regularly. In the years following 2008, there were many homes whose lenders did not properly vet whether borrowers could pay back…

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President Biden recently announced renewed funding to the Weatherization Assistance Program to make homes more energy-efficient in the new infrastructure package. This comes on the heels of many commitments made domestically and internationally to cut America's carbon footprint and lower Americans' power bills. Home weatherization plans are not new, but this administration is renewing its commitment to giving homeowners the opportunity to reduce power bills and increase value. Older homes that are poorly insulated, or homes that have features that rely heavily on unsustainable heating and cooling and energy, are getting makeovers, and the federal government is financing it.

How we got here

Inflation is surging and while we are not the biggest…

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March Madness, flowers blooming, Spring is in the air in The Triangle and we are fast approaching Easter. Easter has really turned into an event that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their religious affiliation. People in Triangle really go all out on Easter Sunday and put on their nicest clothes to have leisurely brunches following church services, mornings at home, or Easter egg hunts. Here are the best brunches and egg hunts in The Triangle for your family to enjoy.

Easter Brunch in The Triangle

Whether you are dining in or taking away, there are really decadent options for traditional Easter brunch fare. Most families have their traditions and these restaurants have taken the stress out of Easter brunch, so you can enjoy the morning and day…

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