Fall is in full swing on The Triangle and with vaccinations and measures to protect the public in place, we have a number of fall festivals you can safely put on your calendar. These range from heritage-based festivals, celebrating the diversity of The Triangle, food festivals for the foodies, to arts festivals and even a Comicon. They all have one thing in common and that is they unify our community and are a chance to reconnect with neighbors and have a great day with family and friends. We have a little bit of everything this fall for you to enjoy. Should you be looking for a home this fall, these festivals give you a perfect opportunity to meet some of your neighbors and check out what Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and Cary are all about! Then,…

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Homes on The Triangle are going under contract in record time; often selling in less than 48 hours, sometimes before they're available for physical showings. When you list your home in this climate, you need to be ready. The list below was put together to support your move, and help you prepare in advance rather than scrambling when your home goes under contract and you under pressure to MOVE! Take a deep breath, and let us help you manage your selling experience.

Find Your Realtor

Selling a home can be one of the biggest life stressors there is. It can also be one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in a lifetime. To hire a friends "friend" or go by unvetted referrals is a mistake. This is a big deal. There is a lot of money…

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Understanding Appraisal Issues

I know this post is likely to generate a lot of negative comments from appraisers and mortgage lenders but I am willing to take the heat and be honest. Appraisals have always been "A necessary but pointless headache" for Buyers, Sellers and their Realtors.

Here's the bottom line, an appraisal is nothing more than one person's opinion of valuation. It may or may not be a well-reasoned, educated valuation; regardless of whether it is a well done appraisal or not; at the end of the day, it's meaningless other than to the Lender in terms of what they're willing to lend a buyer.

For context and to understand I'm not some upset Realtor indulging in a rant; I have been a full time Broker for more than 40 years. My…

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There is non stop press coverage questions whether there is a bubble in the real estate market, discussing the severe lack of inventory, timber shortages, labor shortages, and more, but how does all of that really affect affordability? Can you guess the last time homes were this affordable in The Triangle? Are you under the impression that homes are overpriced right now? Homes are more affordable now than they have been since 2016. Let's dive into some statistics on the affordability of home buying, RIGHT NOW in The Triangle.

Home prices are appreciating and prices have been steadily, arguably rapidly; rising in nearly all domestic markets. When we hear prices are going up, we immediately think houses are becoming unaffordable and as Realtors, we…

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As part of an ongoing series to highlight the contributions of North Carolinians, we would like to shine a spotlight on the Arts. In the past year, visual and performing arts and artists, institutions and individuals, suffered from the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. As we are finding new and creative ways to go about our day to day, from five star takeout celebrations to zoom happy hours, we can also support the arts in new ways. We will feature some ways to support artists throughout this blog, if they are living, and ways to support creators and arts institutions online. If you have any suggestions, please let us hear it and we will try to update this list!

Thelonius Monk 

American Jazz legend Thelonius Monk was born in Rocky Mount…

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The emergence of a global pandemic and the effects of a warming climate have resulted in a reprioritization for buyers in The Triangle real estate market, and a buyer migration nationally. As real estate progressive professionals in the tech-driven Research Triangle, we already witnessed some shifts from buyers wanting much more in when it comes to work from home options. In addition more buyers are looking for more multi-generational home options, sustainable living options, and locations where climate change is factored in. We heard from buyers telling us they were relocating from the west coast specifically to avoid ever worsening drought and water restrictions as well as fires.

Below is a list of insights for sellers to make homes more…

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Insurance - Homeowners and Beyond

Typically Hurricane season peaks in late August through October and with the news of fires in the West as well as flooding events nationwide, we thought it timely and important to understand where you are and are not protected by home owners insurance insurance. Here is a guide to insurance, beyond basic homeowners. If you are looking to purchase a home on The Triangle, please reach out to us. Not only can we make the home buying (or selling) process easier for you; but we can refer you to the best insurance providers for your needs, as a landlord, or homeowner as well as personally vetted trade people who can help you with any repairs or improvements you may be considering.

Inside your Homeowners Policy

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12 Famous NC Women on our list represent a cross-section of entertainers, pioneers, and politicians. Many of the uninitiated think of the South and North Carolina as home to the provincial and polite, hardly a breeding ground for big thinking, however the Raleigh Durham area and North Carolina are home to some of the brightest and most notable women of our time. This list includes some contemporary notable women and the most famous. Some were born in North Carolina, and some CHOSE North Carolina as their home. If you are choosing North Carolina as your home, contact My NC Homes today to start your home search.

  1. Maya Angelou 

Maya Angelou was not born in North Carolina but called North Carolina home and her presence was formative in…

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Fine Dining in The Triangle is some of the best in the south. North Carolina chefs have access to incredible variety seasonal fruit and vegetables, proximity to the low country and shellfish, and incredible farms providing fresh poultry, beef and pork of every variety nearby, offering the advantage of locally sourced ingredients, regardless of the cuisine. This sets the stage for a truly vibrant, exciting, nationally recognized and awarded dining scene. Whether you are looking for local American or Southern cuisines or local ingredients fashioned into international cuisine, there is something for all distinguished tastes. Since 2020, most of these restaurants also offer take-out menus, which is a great option for those who wish to sample the foods at…

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My NC Homes covered the Tiny House craze previously in our blog and we continue to get questions and find applications for tiny house design that are in demand throughout The Triangle. We will focus a bit on pros and cons of building tiny homes, as opposed to just hiring contractors and building out additions on existing homes, and some of the many fun applications for the concept in 2021.

Note: it is important that before building anything you check with your local zoning department and confirm whether you can build a tiny home or addition on your property. The vast majority of cities and town within the Research Triangle have "impervious surface" restrictions or other zoning restrictions that may impact your ability to add an addition to your…

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