There are many reasons to love The Triangle from taking advantage of the outdoors opportunities to some of the most acclaimed chefs in the US calling Raleigh Durham home, but one of our favorite things to highlight in The Triangle, are the incredible venues for the performing arts. The Nation’s top acts, plays, and shows all stop here and we have a variety of ways to enjoy them. Here is how we Celebrate the Arts and entertainment in The Triangle. If you are considering moving to The Research Triangle, reach out of us and we would happily offer more reasons to love The Triangle and why we think it is the best place to call home.


1400 Edwards Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607, United States

This Raleigh Arena hosts everything from hockey…

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Last week, we discussed why you need a survey.  One of the reasons to get their land surveyed is because this is often required to build a fence. Depending on where you live, it's likely you may need a building permit to erect a fence. These requirements differ depending on your exact locale, and you should check local permitting offices.   Here we discuss fences specific to Raleigh, and you can safely assume these rules or very similar ones are in effect in Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, etc. If your home is in another area, we strongly advise checking with your local permitting office before erecting your fence to avoid future complications.

Steps Prior to Submitting an Application to Erect a Fence

Before you submit your application to erect a…

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When buying a piece of property, whether it has a home on it, or it is an investment in land, a survey is an incredibly valuable tool. Surveys may accompany a sale or a buyer may invest in a survey to determine use or future use of land. If you are building a fence, putting in a pool, or simply would like to understand where your land ends and your neighbors begins, a survey is your solution. We would like to offer some reasons to obtain a survey and answer some frequently asked questions regarding a survey.


Surveyors are experts at defining a property's legal boundary. Their process starts by compiling historical surveys, records, and titles, then they write a report that includes photos, street address, a written description of the…

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Lights, Camera, Action

Did you know that some of the most iconic films of the 20th and 21st century were filmed in North Carolina? The film industry is not one that most of us consider an economic driver in North Carolina, but in fact North Carolina has a long well established film industry, accumulating over 6 billion in revenue. Here are a list of some of our favorites filmed right here in North Carolina. We would love to hear some of yours. Now, "Quiet on the set and.... Action"

Dirty Dancing (1987)

While the plot takes place in upstate New York, this was shot in Western North Carolina at Lake Lure and in Virginia. Unfortunately, the scene where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Gray in the water was shot in Virginia, but all of the camp…

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We are officially on the back half of 2022 and everyone is wondering, what will happen with housing in the final part of 2022. Some speculate that inflation and new home shortages indicate a recession and housing slow downs. We compiled some of the predictions from leading experts on this topic and are sharing them to help our buyers and sellers make better decisions regarding real estate in 2022.

Inflation and Mortgages

Mortgage rates have risen 2% due to the Federal Reserve’s response to rising inflation. If inflation continues to rise, mortgage rates will respond. Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst at Bankrate, explained "Until inflation peaks, mortgage rates won't either. Without improvement on the inflation front, we don't know where the…

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The Triangle has incredible dining from traditional American cuisine to all types of Asian cuisine and many award winning fusion spots and we love to showcase our favorite restaurants whether you are new in the area or are just looking for a new place. This week we are showcasing our favorite ice cream spots in The Triangle. What makes our ice cream so much better are the fact that we have local dairy producers, so it is as fresh as it gets. We hope you are enjoying your summer on The Triangle and if you are looking to buy or sell, contact us today!

La Vita Dolce Espresso & Gelato Cafe

610 Market Street Suite 101-C, Chapel Hill, NC 27516.

This is a fabulous little cafe that lets you have both a glass of wine and an incredible cup of their…

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Summertime in The Triangle is easily one of the best times of the year. With so many schools and Universities out, you really get the thrilling feeling of summer. We wanted to offer our events guide to enjoy the last days of summer. If you are considering taking advantage of the season to buy or sell property, give My NC Homes a call.

Beer, Bourbon and Barbecue - August 5-6

Beer Bourbon and BBQ, what could possibly be wrong with that? This is a traveling festival that brings the best of Beer, Bourbon and BBQ to Cary. Learn more here, ​​

OutSouth Queer Film Festival - August 11-14

The OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival is the second largest LGBTQ+ film festival in the Southeast and it is in Downtown Durham this…

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Think home prices in the Triangle will be falling? Think again. The past two years have witnessed incredible equity gains nationwide and in some areas, well in the double digits. Prices must slow, right? The increase in interest rates will slow down buyers, right? We address these questions regularly with our clients and the indicators point to continued gradual gains in equity and interest rates that are likely to increase, but home prices are far from at a free fall. Let's discuss.

Home Price Appreciation 2022 vs 2021

According to data from CoreLogic, the rise in home prices over the past year and a half show a dramatic increase in the rate of home price appreciation in 2021, where home prices are still rising in 2022, they show a more gradual…

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In the middle of summerin The Triangle, it can get quite hot. Luckily, the mountains are just around the corner. Last week, we explored nearby beaches and this week we are seeking higher ground in the mountains of North Carolina. Here are some of our top Mountain Getaways to Enjoy!


Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is a hub for the arts, craft industries, and music in the area. You have amazing dining, great shopping, bohemian arts events,and lots of great music. The downtown is wonderful with independent shops, restaurants, bars and music venues. Lots of yoga studios, spas and pottery studios stud the streets as well.

Just outside of town is also the esteemed Vanderbilt Estate, the Biltmore. The Biltmore draws…

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The Research Triangle has great attractions in the summer and many ways to stay cool including incredible access to beaches. We would like to list our favorite beaches near The Triangle,which we encourage you to try out this summer. Hope you are enjoying all The Triangle has to offer and if we can help you buy or sell, contact us today!

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is only 150 miles from Raleigh Durham and offers long white sand beaches, fishing, boating and much more. Whether you are there for a day or a longer vacation, we recommend checking out the Pine Knolls Shore Aquarium and Fort Macon State Park.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is as historic as it is beautiful. 140 miles away from The Triangle, it has been a main stay of Raleigh…

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