In the middle of summerin The Triangle, it can get quite hot. Luckily, the mountains are just around the corner. Last week, we explored nearby beaches and this week we are seeking higher ground in the mountains of North Carolina. Here are some of our top Mountain Getaways to Enjoy!


Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is a hub for the arts, craft industries, and music in the area. You have amazing dining, great shopping, bohemian arts events,and lots of great music. The downtown is wonderful with independent shops, restaurants, bars and music venues. Lots of yoga studios, spas and pottery studios stud the streets as well.

Just outside of town is also the esteemed Vanderbilt Estate, the Biltmore. The Biltmore draws…

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The Research Triangle has great attractions in the summer and many ways to stay cool including incredible access to beaches. We would like to list our favorite beaches near The Triangle,which we encourage you to try out this summer. Hope you are enjoying all The Triangle has to offer and if we can help you buy or sell, contact us today!

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is only 150 miles from Raleigh Durham and offers long white sand beaches, fishing, boating and much more. Whether you are there for a day or a longer vacation, we recommend checking out the Pine Knolls Shore Aquarium and Fort Macon State Park.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is as historic as it is beautiful. 140 miles away from The Triangle, it has been a main stay of Raleigh…

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Most news, is unsettling regarding an impending recession, however, a recession does not always equal a housing crisis. Major housing market indicators have shown some volatility as we are seeing signs of inventory rising combined with interest rate hikes; begging the question is this a correction and not a crisis? My NC Homes explores why a recession does not necessarily equal a housing crisis.

History of Housing Market and Recession

We are in a different supply and demand period. In the past five recessions, home prices typically remain stable. During the Dot-Com recession in 2001, prices grew 6.6 percent. During the 1980 and 1981 recession, prices grew by 6.1 percent and 3.5 percent, and the dips in prices were relatively small, being 1.9…

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If you are considering selling your home this summer and had the thought that you could save money by doing it yourself, think again. There are many points in a sale of a home that require deft negotiation and as with most things "experience counts" to ensure that your property, security, and finances; are protected. Lets go over the benefits of using a reputable, experienced local Realtor to sell your home smarter this summer.

Understanding Market Trends

Currently there is a lot of fluctuation in the market. Rising mortgage rates, increased home prices, and restricted inventory all affect your home price; selling potential and overall marketing strategy. The best Realtors are constantly watching trends, studying local markte data and know…

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