What you should know about closing costs? A LOT! Buyers need to understand the costs and timelines associated with purchasing a home, or better be working with an experienced, reputable Realtor to explain details. When you start saving for a home or putting money aside for a down payment, the closing costs may not immediately come to mind. Closing costs include the items listed below and in some states Buyers are required to pay the state a "tax" on the purchase as well. Let's break these down so you are not learning about closing costs, the hard way.

Seller closing expenses include the commission they agreed to pay their listing agent which is typically split with the Buyer's Broker and in NC and many other states the seller pays a tax on the sale…

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Real Estate buying, selling, and moving tend to follow some predictable patterns. Many buyers delay moving until Spring, some believing this to be the best time to buy and the easiest time to move, others planning on specific school districts for the following year. While there is the benefit of kids being in school, and many people decide to list their homes in Spring for the same reason, it makes for a frenzied time that does not always yield the best conditions for moving. Let's discuss the benefits of moving and buying prior to the Spring selling and buying rush.

Tempting Interest Rates for Buyers

Last year, home prices began to fall ever so slightly in The Triangle, and buyers saw rates dip slightly at the end of the year. As rates fall,…

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Are you considering retirement? Are you thinking about downsizing? Is 2023 the year to do it? As we contemplate making these major life decisions, timing can be very important. Depending on the structure of your retirement, if you choose to retire sooner than later, you stand to earn more money through interest and also the time you sell your home. We wanted to go over some current market conditions to help those who are considering making this transition in The Triangle.

Downsizing and Home Selling

Are you ready to downsize? If this feels "too final", consider reframing downsizing. This can feel like a ton of work, but the first step is to clear the clutter, recognize the opportunity in reducing maintenance of homeowning, and considering the…

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When reading about real estate, it is important to remember that there never has been, will there ever be a national real estate market. All real estate markets are local. Supply and demand in real estate is dictated by what buyers are willing to pay and sellers accept, in a precise location. It is imperative to work with a highly experienced Realtor who can filter the national real estate noise to deliver local real estate insights. We would like to offer some reasons why it is important to debunk this national market myth for local Triangle area buyers and sellers.

Markets to Watch

A local market is influenced by a number of factors and does not exist in a vacuum. Job growth, population growth, housing affordability, proximity to desired…

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Changes to Credit Reporting and What it Means for 2023 Buyers

For many who are looking to buy a home, the variability in interest rates may have put a halt to your search. Some of our Buyer clients have concerns about obtaining financing, as a result of their credit scores as interest rates rise, they assume they won't qualify.

If you share these concerns, we have great news. There are big changes to how credit is being calculated and debts reported that may impact your ability to borrow, in major positive ways. Let's go over the five major changes to credit reporting in 2022 that impact your ability to borrow in 2023.

  1. The No Change Change. Credit scores stalled in 2022. Overall the average gain was 7 points, which takes scores back…

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Creative Ideas as Mortgage Rates Rise

The FED's effort to battle inflation, by increasing interest rates, can be very frustrating, confusing and difficult for home buyers to understand. Many consider the volatility of rates to mean that they should not buy a home now, or that it is too difficult to buy a home with conventional lending. It is true that conventional mortgage rates are much higher than they were just a year ago, however, it does not preclude you from purchasing. Homeowning has many benefits including emotional, stabilized housing costs, and the financial benefits of building equity that make it a smarter decision than renting. With mortgage rates predicted to continue to rise in 2023, we thought this would be a great time to discuss…

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Avoiding the Rental Trap

Are you considering buying, but are wary of the market fluctuations, or are you a first-time buyer who is unsure of your investment future by buying in 2023 versus 2024? One of the biggest misconceptions and biggest miscommunications in market updates and real estate news is regarding renting vs home owning. Even with mortgage rates increasing if you're going to be living in one area for a minimum of 4-5 years; it is almost always better to own a home versus getting stuck renting. Let's explain why it is always better to own a home rather than rent.

Rising Rents

Over the past three decades, rents have consistently risen. Where rents are rising and continue to rise, it becomes harder to save for the recommended for a…

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 Triangle Area Fraud Alert

Triangle Area Fraud Alert! Beware Homeowner Benefit Agreements!

Recently My NC Homes was made aware by one of our preferred real estate attorney's and a local Register of Deeds of a worrying practice occurring in North Carolina. We would like to warn our clients, prospective clients, and the public of this practice before they are impacted. Here is what to know about Homeowner Benefit Agreements and what they really mean.

What are Homeowner Benefit Agreements?

As inflation impacts many homeowners there are those who need extra cash and who fall prey to predatory lenders and or real estate firms/brokers offering them quick cash with out any loan documents. A Homeowner Benefit Agreement binds the signer who owns a property to a certain…

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Your Guides to Buying or Selling a Home This Fall

If you are considering buying or selling a home this fall, you probably have a lot of questions. Mortgage rates have been rising, inflation concerns have some worried about investing in real estate, and rents continue to rise. For many waiting until they feel more comfortable with the market, may not an option. The reality in real estate and in life is that there really is no absolute perfect time to buy or sell. In real estate there's an old saying, "The best time to buy a home is right now or 20 years ago." Hindsight is always 20/20 and the best we really can do is educate ourselves with the necessary information so that we make a smart; informed decision. The great news is while it is still a…

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Will my Home Still Sell in This Market?

The past few years have been a really wild ride for sellers and buyers. During the pandemic, mortgage rates were at record lows, supply shortages compounded already constricted inventory levels, and buyers were buying anything and everything that came on the market. The market has now cooled off a bit and to combat inflation, mortgage rates are up. What does that mean for today's seller? We pride ourselves on providing honest estimations of what our clients should do as buyers and sellers, and we are offering this market analysts to help you make the right decision, for you and your family at this moment. If you would like to discuss your unique case, contact us to strategize further.

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