The Triangle has gained quite a reputation for its food scene, but did you know the worlds largest beer garden, the first fully woman owned brewery, and first urban winery are also in The Triangle? The area around The Triangle is incredibly fertile and farmers and small vineyards thrive. Not only is it literally fertile, but it is also figuratively fertile with so many innovators and mixologists making the most of the wealth of local products. We also benefit from brewers and distillers who open their doors and hold great events. Here is our list of the best


Lone Rider Brewing Company, Raleigh

Sumit Vohra and Lone Rider Brewing Company are considered one of the best breweries in the nation. It is a west Texas theme right by the…

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We go over many of our buyer concerns on our blog and usually, one of the most common ones is, "Is right now a good time to buy", accompanied by, "Is right now a good time to borrow?" Depending on what your finances look like and how much you have saved for a down payment, it is almost always a good time to invest in real estate. Even with limited inventory, inflation, and increasing interest rates. Let's talk about why this is the case and why you should not necessarily delay home ownership plans in the face of inflation.

First, housing is an asset that over time grows in value so if you have cash and would like someplace to put it so it does not lose value, housing is a great option. Ali Wolf, economist at Zonda posits "If you have cash and are…

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The Research Triangle and the Raleigh Durham and Chapel Hill area are regulars in the culinary news. Some of the best chefs in the South are choosing this area and whether it is the access to incredible local farms or the culture of innovation being amongst so many universities, chefs are doing really exciting things here. It is not just in fine dining either! Some of the best eats in the city are coming from food trucks, which make the dining really accessible. Here are our Top 7 favorite food trucks in The Triangle. Here's to summer!

Boricua Soul

Boricua Soul is a fusion food truck that mixes Caribbean and southern soul food. Some of the favorites are empanadas, pork platters, and tostones. While it might not sound very typical, this mix is…

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One of the questions we get asked most frequently from sellers is, "Should I update my home before selling it?" The reason so many sellers ask is that they are concerned that either they will lose money if they don't update or that they don't have the money they would need to make the updates and are concerned that we're going to "require" them to do so. We could possibly rank this as the most misunderstood element of home selling by sellers. Certain updates will impact the value of your home more than others. Certain curb appeal, low cost, elements help it attract more buyer attention. While expensive renovations are largely unlikely to recoup the money spent, let's go over what is and is not an update you should make in this month's Ask a…

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Summertime in The Research Triangle Park cannot be beat. From weekend mini getaways, hiking to boating on Jordan Lake to incredible outdoor concerts with food trucks, farmers markets, art shows and more. There really is a lot to enjoy. This week we wanted to put a spotlight on the best frozen treats and water fun as school lets out and the temps climb. Put these two together and you have a perfect day. If you are considering buying or selling in The Research Triangle, consider My NC Homes. Not only are we experts on ice cream and Italian ice, we know a thing or two about real estate in this area.

Triangle Aquatic Center

275 Convention Drive- Cary

The Triangle Aquatic Center is a nonprofit public pool that offers swim lessons, camps, and an…

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