Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. In the current real estate landscape, where we are post pandemic, low inventory, and with fluctuating interest rates, it is imperative that you have an expert guiding your hand in a decision of this magnitude. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned seller, partnering with an expert who has decades of experience analyzing historical data in addition to block on block local knowledge will be essential to making sound decisions and protecting your investments.

Experience is Key

No one is perfect and no Realtor is a mind reader, however, Realtors with more experience have the ability to put mortgage rates, home negotiation and pricing, and discussions…

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Moving signals a time of great change. The process can be exciting and daunting as we let go of things, literally and metaphorically. It can be stressful in the best of circumstances whether you hire a mover or not, so if you have made to hire a mover, you should not skip the step of vetting your mover. Finding a reliable and trustworthy service and exercising caution in packing, is worth much more than your belongings, it is your peace of mind. Here are some resources to help you find great movers, why you should exercise great caution in choosing them, and resources in the event you have fallen victim to a moving scam in the Triangle.

How Common are Moving Scams?

Moving scams are unfortunately more prevalent than one might think. According to…

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Did you know that we have HALF of the available homes for sale compared to 2017-2019? Inventory is extremely limited at the moment, and according to Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun, "There are simply not enough homes for sale. The market can easily absorb a doubling of inventory." It is rare that conditions are this favorable to Triangle area home sellers. If you have even thought about listing in the next six months or six years, let's discuss some of the reasons why it pays to sell now.


Inventory is at a record low. What this means is that your home stands a better chance of selling now and generating bidding wars if priced correctly. What this does not mean is that you should artificially inflate the price of your home, thinking…

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The summer has flown by, and so have our listings. We are seeing less than a week on the market in most cases and excellent terms for sellers. One of our most frequently asked questions as listing experts in the Research Triangle Park is how much should we update our home prior to listing? NAR and Fixr.com compiled a comprehensive checklist of repairs and their costs in order of importance to buyers and sellers. These are really high impact, low cost tricks and tips that sellers will realize great returns on. If you are selling your home in 2023, consider these tips a cheat sheet from staging experts.

Professionally Decluttering

Price-conscious home sellers in the RTP should consider investing in professional decluttering services. Realtors here…

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There's no doubt about it that the housing market this year has felt extremely uncertain. From mortgage rates to a slower pace in home sales and fluctuating prices, homeowners, sellers, and buyers have been grappling with a landscape that requires reassurance. The Triangle area is still a great place to buy and definitely it's a great time to sell, if you have the right team and guidance. Don't take our word for it, let's take a look at the current state of the housing market, drawing insights from experts and industry projections, to shed light on what the rest of the year might hold for prospective homeowners, first time home buyers, and investors.

Mortgage Rates and Financing

The year 2022 witnessed a doubling of interest rates, a trend that…

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Sell! Buy! Mortgage Rates!Attention grabing headlines can be very destabilizing for buyers and sellers in today's real estate market. One of the biggest concerns for potential homebuyers and sellers is prices; are they going up, coming down' do you see inventory increasing; these are questions we hear almost everyday. Amidst the barrage of news headlines, it's really important to approach reports with the proper context. Let's explore the misconceptions surrounding home prices and why it's crucial to understand the concept of seasonality in real estate. By focusing on the market's normal seasonal trends and avoiding alarm caused by big headlines, we believe you'll be better equipped to navigate the housing market.

The Anomalous Years


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If you are considering selling your home either to take advantage of the market or due to financial distress, saving money by not enlisting the assistance of a Realtor, might seem like a savings. However, attempting to do this on your own without the guidance and expertise of a licensed Realtor could cost you much more money than you stand to save. Let's explore the why advantages of partnering with a real estate agent and why using a licensed Realtor outweighs potential savings. Our expertise is crucial for your home sale.


Realtors have access to various marketing tools and platforms, including MLS listings, professional photography, virtual tours, and extensive professional networks. Their reach gives your home immediate exposure…

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Inspections play a critical role in ensuring the safety and, in turn, the value of a property. It is important to understand the distinction between permit inspections and home inspections when buying or selling real estate. Often buyers and sellers confuse permit inspections for home inspections. These two types of inspections are both important for different reasons. To best protect your investment, you should understand the difference to make informed decisions during the buying or selling process.

Permit Inspections: Compliance with Building Codes

Permit inspections ensure that construction or renovation work adheres to local building codes and regulations. These inspections take place during or after construction projects, such as home…

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Are you having a difficult time discerning whether right now is a good time to invest in real estate, due to concerns about inflation? If you're considering buying a home in Durham or Raleigh, North Carolina, you may be dissuaded in making an investment because of the impact of inflation on your daily expenses, such as groceries and gas. However, as a renter, you may also have noticed that your rent is increasing as well. Given these elevated costs, it might seem counter intuitive to buy a home, however in the current market, it is a vital way of not only protecting your wealth, but of building future wealth.

Building Equity, Stabilizing Rent

Homeownership actually provides a shield against the rising costs brought about by inflation. According to…

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With decades of experience listing and selling homes in the Research Triangle Park, we have been asked annually and repeatedly, is summer a good time to sell? When is the best time to list my home? If you're considering selling your home in Chapel Hill or Durham, this summer, like any summer, it's important to understand the current national and local market conditions. This season however we are seeing fewer sellers listing their houses for sale compared to most, making it a really great time to list, Inventory is constricted, meaning you get the highest value, best terms, and more favorable conditions as a seller. Let's talk more about whether right now, really is The Best Time to Sell Your Home in the Triangle.

April 2020 and Now

Looking back…

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