The Research Triangle Park region comes alive with holiday spirit in the winter and celebrations carry through well beyond New Years in the Western Calendar.  From the vibrant African American Cultural Celebration to the cosmic exploration of Astronomy Days, and the magic of holiday top hits with the North Carolina Symphony, there's a winter event for every interest. In the interest of your interests, we have broken these events into event types with links and specific events where the calendar is less densely packed. We hope you enjoy the Triangle to the fullest this holiday season!

Tree Lighting Ceremonies 

Kicking off the holiday festivities in RTP are a multitude of annual Tree Lighting Ceremonies. Gather to witness the illumination of one…

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Primary motivations for buying or selling a home, are infrequently related to mortgage rates, however, so much news reporting on rates can cloud decision-making around moving. If you're contemplating putting your house on the market in the Research Triangle Park area, it's likely due to a change unrelated to the FED. Mortgage rates are a factor that plays a pivotal role in your decision-making process, but they should not overshadow the primary reasons that prompted you to consider a move in the first place.

We cannot ignore that higher mortgage rates impact affordability, leading some homeowners to postpone selling, because they are nervous about securing a new home and borrowing at a higher rate. But there are other lifestyle changes and needs…

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The "American Dream" foundation is often, homeownership. It signifies stability, independence, and attainment of a place of ones own. However, for Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, there are significant barriers to homeownership in the present market and making this dream a reality can be quite challenging because of higher mortgage rates and higher home prices than previous generations. This should not deter a whole generation from homebuying, because even outside of the "dream" it is a great way to stabilize your finances and build wealth and owning your first home can be attainable with the right strategic planning and resourcefulness.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

While home prices are not on the meteoric rise that they had been…

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There have been some moments this year, that Realtors have not been proud to show. Barbicore is one that is truly an acquired taste, and as we begin to close out 2023, we look forward to new trends that make our jobs, just a bit easier. Here is a pop quiz style list compiled from designer insights and consumer feedback, and what trends will last into 2024 and what trends will stay behind in 2023.

1. All-white Bathrooms, In or out?

Out! According to a survey by, over a quarter of interior designers are ready to bid farewell to all-white bathrooms. A shift is being made towards more vibrant shower tiles and jewel tones.



2. Patios to the Max, In or out?

In! With contingencies. Homeowners have been maximizing their outdoor…

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