As we head into the holidays, we are still seeing strong buyer demand and while typically this isn't a time sellers flood the market with listing, there are still sellers listing to take advantage of the market conditions. For those of our readers who do not follow our blog regularly, in 2021, and more specifically the latter half of the year, mortgage rates fell below 4% and remain there. As we approach 2022, rates are rising and buyers need to be serious about taking advantage if this climate if they are looking to finance their home. Sellers who are coming to the market are well aware that they have leverage. BUT, and this is the big BUT, sellers cannot ask way above the asking price and expect their home to sell. In this post we will discuss…

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The real estate market right now in The Research Triangle is at an incredibly limited supply, but not every home is getting huge margins above the market value. If you have been considering selling your home and have had discussions with friends, family, or realtors, who suggest you can get way above market value, they may not be the best authorities on what is really selling above value and what is still selling at value. Real estate, like fashion, is subject to some trends, and what buyers look for changes depending on a number of factors. Most notably is our new hybrid lifestyle with a lot more time at home. Here are some of the things that are on today's buyer wishlist. If you want to know if your home is what buyers want, you will find it below

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