Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Many of our first-time home buyers start the process with a general idea that it is time to buy instead of continuing to rent. As renters; the terminology they have encountered included rent, security deposit, and terms of lease. Jumping into the home buying process introduces many first-time buyers to a new set of terms. While these terms are easily defined with a simple search, I want to put it in context of a general process you’ll encounter for buying.

Determine If You're Qualified To Buy A Home

Usually many first-time home buyers start their search with condos, townhomes, or single-family homes in a desirable area. Attractive online photos are a definite lure and motivator to figure out if buying is a possibility. The first question asked…

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2018 Research Triangle Real Estate Market Trends

It's the season for the loaded question that is on all of my homebuyers and sellers' minds, “What are the 2018 trends that we will see in the housing market?”. Our clients count on My NC Homes to know the upcoming market trends for the upcoming year and 2018 is no different. It is impossible for anyone to really “know” what the future holds, but with over 50 years of experience, we can read the market maps to better understand the indicators that guide our clients to make a better decisions.

2018 Real Estate Trends in The Triangle Region

In 2017, many of the Triangle homebuyers found themselves frustrated with the hot” sellers market around the Triangle. All around the area competitive offers on homes were turned away as they were edged out with…

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Rental Property

It is a big decision to become a rental property owner. While the reasons vary for choosing to be a landlord, profits help achieve financial goals, property maintenance, updates, and mitigate emergencies. There are several considerations when choosing a property that will make it a successful rental. To get the most out of an investment, examine the different aspects of a property. Review this list to get started with collecting information to empower a well-informed decision.

1. Get to Know the Neighborhood

Does the neighborhood cater more to college students, working professionals, young families, or senior living? This may help determine possible tenants. It also identifies the general market conditions when there may be e vacancies and…

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