As part of an ongoing series to highlight the contributions of North Carolinians, we would like to shine a spotlight on the Arts. In the past year, visual and performing arts and artists, institutions and individuals, suffered from the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. As we are finding new and creative ways to go about our day to day, from five star takeout celebrations to zoom happy hours, we can also support the arts in new ways. We will feature some ways to support artists throughout this blog, if they are living, and ways to support creators and arts institutions online. If you have any suggestions, please let us hear it and we will try to update this list!

Thelonius Monk 

American Jazz legend Thelonius Monk was born in Rocky Mount…

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The emergence of a global pandemic and the effects of a warming climate have resulted in a reprioritization for buyers in The Triangle real estate market, and a buyer migration nationally. As real estate progressive professionals in the tech-driven Research Triangle, we already witnessed some shifts from buyers wanting much more in when it comes to work from home options. In addition more buyers are looking for more multi-generational home options, sustainable living options, and locations where climate change is factored in. We heard from buyers telling us they were relocating from the west coast specifically to avoid ever worsening drought and water restrictions as well as fires.

Below is a list of insights for sellers to make homes more…

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Insurance - Homeowners and Beyond

Typically Hurricane season peaks in late August through October and with the news of fires in the West as well as flooding events nationwide, we thought it timely and important to understand where you are and are not protected by home owners insurance insurance. Here is a guide to insurance, beyond basic homeowners. If you are looking to purchase a home on The Triangle, please reach out to us. Not only can we make the home buying (or selling) process easier for you; but we can refer you to the best insurance providers for your needs, as a landlord, or homeowner as well as personally vetted trade people who can help you with any repairs or improvements you may be considering.

Inside your Homeowners Policy

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12 Famous NC Women on our list represent a cross-section of entertainers, pioneers, and politicians. Many of the uninitiated think of the South and North Carolina as home to the provincial and polite, hardly a breeding ground for big thinking, however the Raleigh Durham area and North Carolina are home to some of the brightest and most notable women of our time. This list includes some contemporary notable women and the most famous. Some were born in North Carolina, and some CHOSE North Carolina as their home. If you are choosing North Carolina as your home, contact My NC Homes today to start your home search.

  1. Maya Angelou 

Maya Angelou was not born in North Carolina but called North Carolina home and her presence was formative in…

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