North Carolina Buyers Resources

Below is a good list of Buyer Resources provided by My NC Homes. We have an extensive list of service providers. Below is just a quick “cheat sheet” for the basic services every home buyer is likely to need upon going under contract, but we have many others as well and encourage you to speak with us about whatever or whoever you need for work or inspections you want done.

Preferred Local Lenders:

It all starts here. Be certain to let them know you want to be pre-approved for a mortgage and that you’re working with us

All of the lenders listed below have handled many dozens of transaction with us over the years. All are extremely professional, will treat your fairly and are very competitive with their rates and pricing. This doesn’t mean that there may not be some hurdles that need a little work, the lending environment is considerably more challenging than at any time in our twenty plus years as full time Realtors. It does mean that the folks listed below will communicate with you at all times and have proven to us that they can get it done and make it as painless as possible for our clients.

Advantage Lending – Nina Karas

Carolina Home Mortgage – Kearny Davis

Mortgage Central – Todd Barbour

Fairway Mortgage – Justin Burris

Suntrust Bank – Mark Wooten(Doctor Loan Program)

Victorian Finance – Jon DeHart

Professionals we like and recommend:

North Carolina Real Estate Attorneys

Jim Arges and Carey Ewing..919-384-8000
Robert Love;............................919-403-9545
Wayne Hadler.........................919-929-0153
Tom Holt- Bagwell, Holt &Smith;...................;....919-401-0062
Pete Coleman - Coleman Law (Raleigh) 919-256-9480

Generally we suggest having the buyers closing attorney order the survey. If possible it's good to contact the original Surveyor and asking him to update the Survey and flag your corner pins


Jan Faulkner;...919-412-3319
Davis Real Estate Appraisal (Pam Davis) 919-942-0396
Tate-Mosher Appraisal&hellip ............919-968-1133

Title Insurance

This is handled by your attorney and you should feel free to ask them any questions you might have about Title Insurance.

Termite or Pest Inspection

Bugman Chapel Hill........919-967-6549 and Durham;..919-682-0770
Pest & Termite Consultants........919-870-8003

Most Common UtilityProviders

Electric Company- Duke Electric -800-777-9898
Gas -PSNC Energy -877-776-2427
Water Chapel Hill: OWASA - 919-968-4421 / Durham: Durham Water 919-560-4411

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