You are perfectly capable and within your right to sell your own home. Many companies will offer ways for you to list your home for sale even, at reduced rates. What you DO have to consider is this is likely one of the largest monetary transactions of your life. Where there are thousands of dollars at stake, you need to have proper marketing, negotiating, exposure to existing active and qualified buyers, and expert knowledge of the market to list a home at the proper price. Do you have a marketing program in place, a database of buyers, expertise in negotiation, and years of experience in your area in real estate transacting? You can develop these in time, but this is why time is money when selling your home and why a reputable and highly experienced agent is absolutely essential to getting the best price for your home.  Here are the top reasons to hire a licensed and reputable Realtor to sell your home.

Home Pricing

Pricing a home is a "to the moment" precise valuation based on the available homes for sale in your area, what has sold in the last 3-6 months, and what your home offers in terms of amenities that may contribute to a higher, or if the home has defects, a lower price. What your neighbor in another town sold for, will have no bearing on what your home is worth. Here is where this makes a big difference in time. An improperly priced home, that is overpriced, will languish on the market, and you will waste time with buyers and offers that are not realistic. An improperly priced home, that is underpriced, will sure sell quickly, but you may well lose money. A Realtor who has years of experience in your exact location will understand what the sweet spot for selling at that moment will be. Keep in mind there may need to be adjustments, but a good agent Should have your home sold in a matter of months at the most in a typical market. In a Seller's market it should be sold in a matter of a couple of weeks and in a buyers market you should expect that it may take up to 6 months.

Home Staging and Curb Appeal

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This old moniker holds very true for homeowners. Where you may think your updates to your home are charming, another buyer may be distracted by a color or finish that is not to their taste. Experienced Realtors understand how to manage staging and also how to clear a home of personal effects to increase the likelihood of a buyer being able to see themselves in your home. We remove pictures, clear shelves, and are up to date on the latest home trends that make a difference to buyers. What does this have to do with time? If you plop a sign in your yard and wait for people to line up without properly preparing your home, you risk not getting the most value for your property. It could remain on the market too long, and then you will need to reduce the price for sale.

Home Marketing and Listing

Potentially the most compelling reason for hiring an established Realtor, from a work perspective, is the marketing and listing of your home. Realtors who have a good reputation have a database on buyers and sellers, that they are already communicating with. Additionally, they have websites, social media marketing, digital marketing, and have access to a multiple listing service that broadcasts your listing to area agents as well. It is critical that you list your home with an agent who has a presence on social media and has a working website. This is how you really reach a larger audience and get the right price for your home. See the My NC Homes marketing plan here.

Showings and Open Houses

Most people do not have time for showings and open houses, let alone organizing these to fit into their weekly schedules with family, work, etc. This is where a Realtor comes in. We organize showings around your schedule, keep a log, and maintain contact with you so you have an understanding of the buyers who are seeing your home. Realtors also are in sales, so they are selling your homes best features using what they know to be the top selling points of a home on the market. Where open houses are used, a realtor will often cater or offer snacks and encourage people in your neighborhood to drop in and see what your home has to offer.

Local Regulations and Disclosures

Was your house built before 1976? You will need a lead based paint disclosure. There are many rules and regulations, both federal, and local that must be followed in the sale of a home. Certain home defects must be disclosed and procedures according to the Fair Housing Act among other protections for both buyers and sellers. Realtors, who are licensed, are well aware of these regulations and should make you aware of them as well, and handle all aspects of this.


The best Realtors are expert negotiators. When they understand the other homes on the market and what your home offers in comparison, they can get the best price for your home. It is essential that they have this expert understanding or they may settle for less that what your home is worth, or they may not accept a good offer. Real estate prices are dependent wholly on the market at the time of sale, which is very important for home sellers to keep in mind when listing.

Contracts and Documentation

Lastly, a licensed Realtor will have all contracts and documentation organized and executed with a lawyer. They have long standing relationships with title companies, arrange transfers, conduct checks on titles, and much more. They can assist with your lending process and many other details of a move, and even recommend people for remodeling, should that be your route.

If you are thinking about selling, you are saving yourself lots of time, money, and work, by hiring a realtor. For a transaction that is this important, having an expert working on your behalf is simply the best choice. Are you thinking about selling in The Research Triangle? My NC Homes has over a decade of experience. Contact us today.

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