The real estate market right now in The Research Triangle is at an incredibly limited supply, but not every home is getting huge margins above the market value. If you have been considering selling your home and have had discussions with friends, family, or realtors, who suggest you can get way above market value, they may not be the best authorities on what is really selling above value and what is still selling at value. Real estate, like fashion, is subject to some trends, and what buyers look for changes depending on a number of factors. Most notably is our new hybrid lifestyle with a lot more time at home. Here are some of the things that are on today's buyer wishlist. If you want to know if your home is what buyers want, you will find it below


Upgrades can be tricky. While an upgraded kitchen or bath is a big selling point, we do not recommend major upgrading prior to selling in hopes of getting considerably more money. Large upgrades should be done so you can enjoy them and if your intent is to either sell in the next 3-4 years or alternately if you intend on staying for a longer period of time and the upgrades will add to your overall enjoyment of your home. That being said, upgraded kitchens and baths are definitely on the buyer wish list. Some of the upgrades that are always desirable are stainless steel appliances, gas stoves, updated hardware on cabinetry, and fixtures, and don't forget a fresh coat of paint. We have some blogs linked to this article that offer more tips on upgrades.


Overall, buyers are looking for more space. More space for home offices and more outdoor space. Some of the amenities that get the "oohs and ahhs from our buyers include, a chef's kitchen with island, soaking tubs in baths, home offices, guest houses or workshops apart from the home, in-law or nanny apartments and outdoor living areas. Today's buyer is looking for space to be maximized for enjoyment, as well as work. The home office, outdoor living space, and chefs kitchen are the most popular amenities right now.

No Worries

What might not be what a buyer is expressly looking for, but their realtor should tell them to want, are fewer worries for at least four years.  An updated home that has been properly maintained, including foundation, roof, heating and cooling systems, and siding is very desirable. How can you provide this as a seller? To start when you buy a home realize it's going to need (benefit) from annual maintenance. There's a lot of truth to the saying "An Ounce of Preventions is Worth a Pound of Cure." If your roof is nearing the end of it's useful life it's time to seriously consider replacing it. Heating and Cooling systems are designed as a two part system. Often when one fails owners find heating and cooling contractors willing to replace one and not the other. While this can be done, at the end of the day you're essentially jerry-rigging one of the major systems of your home and this should be disclosed. Water heaters and windows are also important considerations for buyers. If you're not certain of the condition of your home consider obtaining a home inspection prior to listing your home and have serious defects repaired prior to listing. This will not preclude a buyer from having inspections done, but it is possible buyers will be willing to offer to buy the house "as-is" based on a recent inspection, affording you a cleaner offer with a quicker closing time. Here is a blog on what to expect from inspections and another blog on ways to maintain your home to make it more desirable. Regardless of what you may hear from friends/family/and the average inexperienced Realtor as interest rates go up a homes overall condition is going to become more important as buyers view homes.  


Since we are spending much more time in our homes, our electricity bills increase. Additionally, we are witnessing a climate crisis. Many buyers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Homes that save the owner money and contribute to a greener planet are likely to sell far more quickly. But many homeowners are hamstrung as to easy ways to make your home greener without a huge overhaul. Consider energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, sustainable insulating materials, charging stations for electric cars, recycling bins, compost bins, tankless hot water heaters, additional insulation, and home garden beds as ways to make your home more efficient and reduce it's overall energy footprint.

Buyers are looking for more than a nicely manicured lawn and crown molding on The Triangle. Many buyers are considering enjoyment and environmental impact in their estimation of a home that can increase or decrease the value. We are experts at evaluating homes, based on more than simple amenities. We know what buyers are looking for in your area, and the know-how to present your home in the best possible light for the more idealistic buyer. Are you looking to sell your home? Call My NC Homes.


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