Remote work can seem like a dream or make your home feel like a cage, depending on your home office setup. In the past year we have seen many businesses decide to move offices permanently remote or implement hybrid work options. Why? Remote work is not only preferred by many workers who save an average of $2,000-$5,000 and it is also cost-effective for businesses who save an average of $22,000 per employee. As home work is here to stay, we are also seeing work from home preferences change for buyers, and seeing more buyers come to The Triangle because of hybrid work opportunities. If you are a seller looking to make your home more desirable for the home office hybrid worker or you are just looking for a more exciting home office, here is our "homework" for your home office.

Tech Tune-Up 

Home offices can be elaborate, or they can be cozy and small, but one thing they absolutely need to be is connected. If you are looking to turn an underutilized area of your home into an office, you might need a tech tune-up. Internet meshes for areas in dead zones, or another wireless router are options for the internet. Additionally, consider professional microphones and webcams if you are on a lot of Zoom calls.

You and your office, in the Best Light

The ring light is not just for influencers doing make-up demonstrations. Proper lighting in a web call makes a lot of difference and you do not have to worry about distracting lighting or time of day. There are inexpensive ring lights, under $20 and it makes a big difference in a home office set up.

Curated Backdrops 

Speaking of the best light, we also recommend curating a backdrop for calls. Plants, paintings, anything but bare walls or curtains, make a good background. Avoid an overly busy background, and most backgrounds look better with a ring light.

Comfort First, Safety First 

Are you using a dining chair for your home office? This is not only uncomfortable but can be unhealthy. Imagine the possibilities of choosing your own office chair? Invest in a good office and a desk that is not only comfortable but designed with your health in mind. Many people opt for stand-up desks, walking options, and balance balls.

Powerups and Backups 

In the event of inclement weather and just to have extra protection, have a power board for multiple devices and a wifi backup. This ensures that you have plenty of power and space for multiple systems and devices.

Home Office Conversions

Do you have a shed or space that could be converted to a more substantial home office? We have a tiny house blog on this, click here. You would be in good company. Many people are converting spaces into home offices. Be aware that with any conversion, if you are running water or power, have work permitted, or it will potentially be a liability when selling. Otherwise, having a habitable addition is highly desirable for resale value.

Family Friendly Workspaces

Want your workspace to work overtime? Consider a long desk that can also double as space for children to do homework. All members of a family participating in the workspace also is a tool for separating work from home life, something many families struggle with within a hybrid work situation.


Built-in bookcases and designs for indoor plants are very en vogue and are features that do not necessarily add resale value per se, but people love them. They also make great Zoom backgrounds. Just remember when you list your home for sale to remove personal items from built-ins!

These are just a few ways to turn underutilized spaces into full-functioning and even luxurious offices. If you are looking for a home with more space or that already has an amazing office, or you are looking to list your home with an amazing office, contact us today!

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