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The real estate market right now in The Research Triangle is at an incredibly limited supply, but not every home is getting huge margins above the market value. If you have been considering selling your home and have had discussions with friends, family, or realtors, who suggest you can get way above market value, they may not be the best authorities on what is really selling above value and what is still selling at value. Real estate, like fashion, is subject to some trends, and what buyers look for changes depending on a number of factors. Most notably is our new hybrid lifestyle with a lot more time at home. Here are some of the things that are on today's buyer wishlist. If you want to know if your home is what buyers want, you will find it below

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Ahhhh the smell and feeling of North Carolina BBQ has no parallel. BBQ's and Cookouts in the summer are quintessentially American and it is hard to describe 4th of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day, in terms of what people love to do, without mentioning a BBQ or cookout. In North Carolina, especially, with its rich history of delicious BBQ, cooking outside for long periods of time and enjoying the fruits of your labor around a pit are part of the culture. As long time Realtors in The Triangle and cooking afficandos, we have seen lots of trends come and go in terms of trends in homes and amenities, but some things are always going to be big sellers, and the outdoor kitchen with BBQ is one of the top amenities in the South. Here are some of the…

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