Are you superstitious? Do you abide by rituals or are you more likely to review your progress and start different practices based on seasonal recommendations, in the New Year? In the South and in the United States, there are so many superstitions and rituals around all things, including the New Year and moving. If you prepared black-eyed peas and greens, you know what we are talking about! There are other really fun traditions and superstitions for real estate based on Native American practices, pagan traditions borrowed from Europe, and Eastern religions. Here are some of the traditions, superstitions, and rituals related to real estate we've encountered throughout the years.

Ringing a Bell

Ring a bell in your new home to summon good fortune, according to Feng Shui. It clears bad energy and increases the frequency of existing energy.

Burning Sage

While this is a new age practice today, it has Native American roots and sage has insecticide properties. It is called smudging and many people swear by it to clear negative energy.

Housewarming Parties

We love any excuse to have a party, but apparently, it also summons good fortune and literally warms rooms! It is a French tradition that takes place within 180 days of your move and it follows that a fire was lit in the hearth and people moving around warmed the house.

Avoid Saturday Moves

And moves on a Friday or on a rainy day, because these days do not allow you to fully settle yourself. The idea is that when you move on religious resting days, you will never be properly relaxed in your home. This is a Western tradition.

Always enter and exit through the entrance

Another Western tradition is entering and exiting through the front door entrance when you first buy a house is predicated also on how you fully settle yourself into the house.

Never Carry a Hoe at Home

Never carry a hoe into a home and if you do, walk backward to erase the bad luck.

Salt the Door

Sprinkle Salt on the floormat of your new home and bring bread for good luck and to remove bad energy from the past owners. This is a tradition from Judaism and it symbolizes sustaining energy.

Never Bring Your Old Broom during a Move

This is another principle of Feng Shui and the broom is said to hold all the negative energy of the past home. Be sure to buy a new broom when you move.

Paint Your Door Blue

Ever see blue doors in The South? This is a plantation-era superstition to ward off ghosts. This is because ghosts cannot cross water, and the blue door confuses the ghosts.

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