Lawn Care 101: tips to keep your yard looking fresh

We’ve all driven by those houses with the calf-high-brown grass, lack of flowers, and dead garden beds. We’ve also all seen those pristine envy-inducing lawns with their lush grass and gorgeous gardens.   Whether you’re trying to sell or add curb appeal to your home or are just making sure your neighbors don’t get angry, lawn care is important to maintaining your home’s curb appeal.

By spending a little bit of your time fixing your lawn this summer, you can create a stress free oasis on your own property. It just takes a little effort to attain the perfect look. Here are some tips to make the transformation from drab to fab a little bit easier. 

Know Your Grass

First thing’s first, you should know what breed of grass you have, as there are many that are common in the area. The most common grasses in North Carolina include: Bermuda, carpet grass, centipede grass, St. Augustine grass, and zoysia grass. Knowing which variety (or varieties) you have will help you select the right products to care for it.

Feed and Fertilize

Find yourself a nitrogen-filled fertilizer to keep your lawn lush and gorgeous. Before adding the fertilizer, make sure you water your lawn thoroughly about one or two days before. A rotary spreader makes the job quick and easy for bigger areas. If you have a small lawn, a handheld broadcast spreader will do the trick.

Do Not Over Mow Your Lawn

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is over mowing their lawn. Professionals recommend that people mow their lawn once a week on the highest setting. As growth accelerates, they recommend lowering the settings so you do not cut the grass too short. Remember: the more fertilizer you add, the more often you need to mow. Optimum growing height for a lush lawn is 2-4 inches, depending on the breed.

While maintaining your lawn might seem like more work than you can handle, know that it is well worth it. Whether you’re in the market to sell your house or you just want a place to relax, your lawn can make or break your home.

Too busy to take care of your own lawn? We can recommend a few local landscapers to help keep your property in tip-top shape. Contact us today at 919-659-5173 for more information.

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